Guys Chris Daskalakis is a scammer.... Below is a link to what washington state has found this guy of being guilty. Selling a illegal franchise!!!!!

Save your money and spend it on a legit franchise. Found the link below.


Go about halfway down and look at mr fire safety, and mr oil saver.... he just happen to change the name to nikausa so he can scam more people out of there money.....

Please don't give this guy a dime.... you will never see it again......

Just google this guy..... you will find and ton of information... Get a private eye to look him up. He has scammed all of us of about 2.6 million dollars with mr oil saver.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #943495

O by the way he renamed his new business to Nika business. I'm sure I will get a threatening letter from his lawyer. If I do I will post it for all to see.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #943494

Va just found him guilty. This guy is a crook.

I lost over 20,000 dollars. He was really good at convincing me to spend my money. Thankfully I only gave him half. Would you believe it that he is still threatening me with a lawsuit.

Saying that I am defaming his character. He walked away with millions of dollars and he thinks he has character. So Chris this is my response to your latest threat. If you continue to threaten me more of the truth will come out.

What a nightmare it has been with this guy....

If your reading this and you thought about buying a franchise from him.

RUNNNNNNNNN ........ Don't give him anything......


to James #1294062

Beth want allow me to wk now in Sega n FL...howellgimore63@gmail.com. Hit me up equipment goes to


HE took me for around $50K and he still out there taking peoples money. I cant believe no one has shot him yet!!!!


He has renamed his site.. . nikabusiness.com new name same scammer!

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